Classic, Hybrid or Russian?​

Our standard sets are Classic, Hybrid or Russian. Which one is for you? Use this page to decide what style you'd like best.

Classic (1 lash to each natural lash)  Check out our gallery below.

Hybrid (a mix of 1 lash to each natural lash and volume fans that add between 3 and 5 lashes to each lash.)

Russian (Volume fans that add between 3 and 6 lashes to each natural lash.

As well as these standard sets we do Wispy lashes, and "Kim K" spikey style. Discuss with your therapist before treatment. If you are unsure about what type of lashes you want. Find some pictures in a style you like and we can do something similar to suit your eye shape.

Our Most Popular Styles


Cat Eye Wispy Eyelash
Russian Mega Volume
Hybris Eyelash Bristol
Classic Cat Eye

Our most dramatic set. Best for those who enjoy the full lash look round the clock. Basic Russian Eyelash Extension set is just £55. This will add a massive amount of volume and need infills every 3 weeks for constant full coverage. 

Great for those who wear heavy mascara or love wearing false lashes. Over time we find that lashes improve in length and strength while not using mascara.

Hybrid 1.jpg

Our Most Popular Set.

A mix of classic individual lashes and volume fans. A great choice if you’re looking for a halfway between classic and Russian lash extensions, as well if you have naturally fine or sparse lashes.

Classic eyelash Cat Eye

Where 1 individual lash is glued to each of your natural lashes (we try to cover at least 80%) Best for those who prefer the more natural look.


 Classic Eyelash Extensions can be a great starter lash for those looking to try something new.

Angelic Beauty Bristol, Photo Gallery.

Based in BS11 Bristol offering the very best in eyelash and brow styling. Our Techs are set on creating the most beautiful lashes possible.

Whether you like a natural or dramatic look we will find the perfect style for you. Specialising in Hybrid and Russian Lashes.

• The thicker and longer your lashes are, the thicker and longer extension that can be applied. Curled lashes are great for creating volume without too much weight

• If you have straighter lashes should opt for a curled lash, as it will really make the eyes pop and lift up the natural lash line.


• Those with rounder/larger eyes benefit from our ‘cat-eye’ look – applying more/longer lashes to the outer corner of the eyes. 

• Almond shaped eyes don’t often suit the cat-eye look, they look beautiful with a longer lash extensions applied to the middle of the eye, to widen it. This is called a Doll Eye Style.

• Our Russian sets are the most dramatic we offer and are incredibly popular with brides as well as girls going on holidays and wanting a long-lasting look.

• Those with large eyes, dark thick hair and/or lots of natural lashes are recommended to go with the Russian set, as more lashes are applied, which will result in a fuller and longer lasting look. 

• Mature ladies wishing to lengthen their lashes but still look natural may opt for a finer extension type in a shorter length, or even our silk extensions which are soft and lightweight