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BIAB and el Nails
at Angelic Beauty Bristol

Located in central Bristol, Angelic Beauty Bristol are delighted to add a variety of nail salon services to our books. With your nail health in mind, we only offer the best products and treatments. You can visit our booking page to see our availability. Please familiarise yourself with our policies and procedures when booking



Biab Nails Bristol

BIAB (builder in a bottle) is a range of gel based products that provide the same hard-wearing and glossy finish as traditional gel but with added benefits. BIAB were created to nourish and strengthen your nail simultaneously. As they're tougher than normal gel, they are ideal for damaged/weak nails, they are a perfect solution for long-term acrylic users who want to go natural but not compromise on strength. Also nail biters - we see you! Good luck chewing through these...

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Nail extensions Bristol

Gel nails Bristol

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Apres nail extensions are a perfect combination of gel and acrylic nail extensions. Made from gel, Apres nail extensions are more workable and mouldable than traditional acrylic extensions. They also do not contain the same brutal chemicals meaning they are not damaging and healthier for your nails in the long-run. Apres nail extensions last between 3-4 weeks but because they are applied to the entire nail bed instead of just the tips they do not lift as they grow out. The extensions are applied under a gel lamp after a layer of primer and then can be painted as usual. Your entire session should take no longer than 90 minutes. 

Gel nails bristol

At Angelic Beauty Bristol we offer nail art on both manicures and pedicures using gel nail polish.

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We don't need to explain to you why gel nails are great - a tried and tested way to maintain fantastic nails for weeks on end. Applied with a UV lamp, polish is cured and hardened giving you a beautiful and durable nail. Your gel manicure will last as long as you like, and time between appointments is determined by how fast your nails grow. Gel nails are not damaging when removed properly. Your appointment will take around 40 mins, meaning it’s a perfect bit of self-care to squeeze into your lunch break if you are in central Bristol. 

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Nail extensions Bristol

Gel nails Bristol



Sal was super gentle with my nails. I decided to try something new after damaging my nails by using acrylics for too many years. I tried the apres extensions and for the first time I left the salon without achey nails. Definitely a game changer and so far they have lasted 2 weeks are are going nowhere. Thank you so much. 


I have been coming to Angelica for years for my eyelash extensions (and now brow waxes) so was very excited to hear she has expanded her services to include nails. I haven't had gel nails in a long time as I found they usually peeled off but they were reasonably priced and I trust Angelica so I gave it a go again. They're great - I love them. Your new staff member is great too I love him :)



From the best eyelashes in town to the nicest nails I've had in ages. Angelic Beauty really is becoming my one stop shop... So happy with everything I have done here.

Angelica is the best lash artist and amazing friend. She is my go to lash artist and I always feel so happy in her presence. My lashes look amazing and I loveee them so much! It is such a treat to go to Angelica for my lashes! I have always been so ecstatic with Angelica's work on my lashes. Thank you sooo much Angelica for being you and for my lashes <3 I always feel so excited for my next appt. and can't wait already!

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